how to earn with viral website

 Lot of members ask here with in one week "how to get Adsense provide", " how to earn with viral website" and " how much earn from Adsense with Facebook traffic "

so I will tell you how I will earn from viral website + Adsense + Facebook traffic


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step.1: first I will create Facebook page with 150K page likes

check below thread for how to create 100K page likes

step.2: create viral website

( domain name and Facebook page must be same )

step.3: get approve from AdSense

make you website basic qualification for the AdSense approve

site design will be simple effective

30 post

domain age more than 6 month

on-page SEO score more than 80

at least one of your keyword in the first page on google

small amount organic traffic

you will get approve definitely

step.4: post Adsense ad on your website

( landing page must have AdSense ad )

step.5: share the post link on your facebook page

by this method, you will definitely earn 20$ to 100$ per day based on your page likes

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