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#beautifulbraids #kidsbraids #ponytailbraid Braided hairstyles for kids are generally different than braided hairstyles for adults. Many of the braided styles that are popular in the adult world take hours to complete. Not many kids have developed the patience required to sit through the long process. That is why many kids braided hairstyles are quick and easy to complete. The most important thing to consider when deciding on a hairstyle for a child is comfort. Children are full of energy and spend their days running and playing. They need a hairstyle that can keep up with their energetic ways. Braided hairstyles are perfect because they tend to stay in a kids hair very well. Another important thing to consider when choosing a hair-do is what type of event they will be attending. If it is a formal event, you will obviously want to look for a more formal hairstyle. However, if they were going to be attending a laid-back occasion then a less formal hairstyle would work best Cornrows are a great braided style for children because they can be either formal or casual. If your child has cornrow braids and you are attending a formal occasion, you can dress the braids with colorful beads or cute clips. Another great option for dressing up cornrows is a scarf or headband. IG:Novemberlov3, go support sis 💚💚 Thank you for watching 🧡🧡🧡 Let me know what style was your favourite!

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